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new person...

Name: cassie
Sex: 17
Location: asheville, nc
What are your favorite bands/singers of the 60s?: the rolling stones, the velvet underground, cream, the doors, led zeppelin, grateful dead, jefferson airplane, the beatles, joni mitchell, bob dylan, janis much more
What band/singer do you look up to from the 60s?: mostly jim morrison, joni mitchell, john lennon, lou reed
whats you favorite album/s of the 60s? joni mitchell-blue, led zeppelin 3, grateful dead-workingman's dead, the rolling stones-sticky fingers
whats your favorite song/s of the 60s? the rolling stones-dead flowers, the velvet underground-rock n roll and pale blue eyes, joni mitchell-a case of you and both sides now, the beatles-happiness is a warm gun
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I know Jefferson Airplane rocked, I mean come on they played the first WoodStock but honestly I now cringe everytime for I recall their 1980s revamp as Starship. *shudders* Its a touchy subject.
i know i think they're fans deeply love the original...should.
Well Grace Slick is a character through and through. I heard an interview where she talked about why she got into music (ps it wasnt about music) and how she went about writing songs. She tested them in every "medium" These include acid, pot, drunk, and straight. Gotta love Jefferson Airplane in the early days. They were a band even before her, she joined them.